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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have gone to a few different professional developments this summer. At one, Greater Birmingham Mathematics, I had a GREAT method for problem solving introduced to me by another lady in the class. I LOVED it, I could really use it for any word problem, especially problems that are on the ARMT! I am even trying to do it with my Daily Data. Daily Data is a venn diagram that is up on one of my boards in my class & my students answer a question to get the data. For example, I enjoy riding a bike & I enjoy swimming. If they like both, of course they put their choice in the middle. I use magnets cut outs of ladybugs with the students numbers (so i can use them year after year) to put their answer. The students do something different with the data each day of the week. Here is an example of the ICEE method &  a picture of my Daily Data in my classroom. I'm also going to include the schedule my students follow with the Daily Data. Last year I had my students complete the responses in their math notebook, which I still plan on doing this year, but I'm also going to include a format for which I would like my students to complete the responses. Use if you wish! :)
ICEE Method for Problem Solving

Daily Data

Daily Data Print Out


  1. Oh, I so love this ICEE data idea. Great for continuous exposure. I teach 3rd grade too.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. Thank you! I'm going to try it out this yesr with my students! I follow your blog also!:-)

  3. love all this -would you happen to have ideas for daily data in 3rd grade (I have number talks each month -I suppose I could do this first then lead into the #talk... there thinking would already be on the paper & it would be great for some student's to have notes to refer back to when discussing:)
    make sense? thanks for sharing anything else related to Daily Data.. I taught K-1 & have LOTS of daily data ideas for that grade level-BUT none for 3rd which I just changed to.. Thanks